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Love and Compatibility for July 19 Zodiac

The position of Saturn in his horoscope suggests he feels the weight of his reputation in the world — and its considerable power. His warm, excitable nature comes courtesy of spirited Jupiter and planets in Sagittarius — including Mars. Yet, with Venus in sociable, diplomatic, charming Libra he gracefully makes up for his errors…. With her sun, Mercury and her destiny driven north node shining brightly in Leo, the Royal Family is a suitable setting for Meghan , equivocal to her successful career on camera.

Protective, loyal, with the potential to be wildly assertive, Mars is positioned in an understated — and discreet — area of the chart, fabulous for keeping private matters well hidden.

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They perfectly mirror and place each other in their respective partnership — and marriage — zones! This relationship can enhance both their sense of security, and prove deeply healing, with great emotional understanding and connection between them. The couple are confirmed to be wed on May 19th at Windsor Castle, when the moon will be sailing through sentimental Cancer — hankies at the ready!

Their ultimate goal is nothing less than to find the right partner and settle down get married and have children.

Cancer Friendship Compatibility: The Entertainer

They hold that it is with a strong foundation that they can succeed, in relationships and all other parts of life. Cancer can communicate well in a Cancer relationship and their sensitive nature can give them, strong, accurate, valuable intuitions over there partners and others that they care for. These insights that they get allow them to help their loved ones out, which Cancer will tenderly do so as they care very deeply for their loved ones. Cancers are very sensitive and when sad, or in a bad mood, can become brooding and skit away into their shells.

This is not healthy for Cancers, as they have the tendency to sometimes bottle up their emotions and insecurities and keep their feelings stifled. This can build up and cause them to burst out with force or cause them to blow up inside and suffer an emotional collapse. Cancer compatibility can be found if Cancer can find a partner that can soothe his emotional nature. Cancers need a partner that will give them the security they need to thrive, and to Cancer, the perfect relationship is just this: a relationship that they can retreat to and be safe and content in; a sanctuary of sorts.

Cancer is ruled by the moon and like the unstable, changing moon, Cancer can have a certain moodiness to them, one that is often misunderstood and can be frowned upon by others. Cancer is ruled by heart over head, and while this is sometimes good, at other times it can be detrimental.

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Cancer can sometimes allow irrational emotions to overrule them and control over their practical, sensible heads. It is because of this that Cancer always wishes to build stable walls around their home and loved ones: so that their gentle, but sometimes unstable feelings can be expressed in an atmosphere that is stable, established, and secure. As a cardinal sign, Cancer compatibility is best with someone who can see, understand, and respect the creativity in them.

They need someone who can respect their inventive mind and at the same time accept them for who they, even with their moodiness and changing dispositions. Cancer is very protective and can even be a bit possessive in a relationship. They have potential for jealousy in a relationship as well.

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It should be noted, however, that these traits in Cancer come from insecurity and wish for stability, rather than a desire to be controlling or to dominate over their partner. My mom and my dad were married for 20 years, he a Cancer, she a Leo.

Cancer and Cancer Compatibility

They aren't supposed to work, and somehow they found a way to create a family and continue to get along. Were there roadblocks and obstacles? But their core values were there from the beginning, and those shared values allowed them to endure a wonderful marriage that created beautiful memories for our family. Now, I give you permission to think about all of your exes.

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We're there any that you were supposed to be compatible with but it just didn't work out? For instance, I dated a Taurus for a while, it was one of my longest relationships, and I ended up cheating on him. And then there was a Pisces who couldn't commit. All these past relationships with people that were seemingly compatible, never really were. It's a bit arbitrary to eliminate potential partners based on the potential incompatibility of your two zodiac signs.

In a way, you're just closing yourself off from having opportunities to even meet other people.

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All relationships serve a purpose in our lives. We come out of every relationship knowing ourselves just a little better. Whether that person was astrologically compatible with you or not, they taught you something about relationships and possibly even yourself.

My past relationships have taught me how strong I am, how fast I fall in love, how guarded I am and how to love myself even more.

cancer compatibility chart on instagram Cancer compatibility chart on instagram
cancer compatibility chart on instagram Cancer compatibility chart on instagram
cancer compatibility chart on instagram Cancer compatibility chart on instagram
cancer compatibility chart on instagram Cancer compatibility chart on instagram
cancer compatibility chart on instagram Cancer compatibility chart on instagram

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