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Focus on this until about the middle of the year, and then feel free to spend money on whatever you want. You may feel inclined to spend your money on improving your home, though. By the end of the year, you should have more money than you started with, even with all the spending. The Taurus yearly astrology forecasts suggest that your mental health should be in pretty good shape this year, but your physical health may not be. You are not very likely to become ill, but you are more likely to gain weight or pick up other unhealthy habits this year.

The best way to avoid this is to exercise daily and watch your diet. The Taurus horoscope predicts that this year you should continue to work on any projects that you were working on in the past few years. Commitment to your goals and dreams is important this year for the Taurus sun sign.

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January will be the month when you come into some good news. This might be about money, family or career. February is an excellent period to build upon the new ventures that you have begun in the previous month. March is when you will have to use your mind and not get involved in emotional problems in your relationships. April shows scope for new ventures, travel, and study in foreign countries. May is when you need to be careful before trusting people.

June will pose many questions in front of you. Be sure to find the right answers. July will be an excellent period to look for a new job or home depending on your needs. August will be a month when you will feel very apprehensive about how the world perceives you. September will be an auspicious month for the bulls when you will be rewarded for your hard work.

October will be a month when you need to start slow but can make important decisions if you are sure about your ideas. November will be a productive month with a lot of business travels. December is a time for experimentation and an interest in learning new skills. The Taurus horoscope forecasts that your biggest struggle to overcome this year will be your laziness especially during the Mercury retrograde It might be hard to motivate yourself at times, but it will pay off when you can do it.

Try to spend your free time working on your hobbies or spending time with your family and friends. This year is going to be really exciting for you, as it is filled with a lot of astonishments and amazement. The Taurus horoscope says that this year will be very fruitful for you and your dear ones because there lies a great possibility for you to get promoted at your job or obtain some good amount of profit through your business.

The Gemini horoscope says that this year will be very crucial and significant for all the Gemini people, as there will be a lot of alterations and variations this year, for all of you. Cancerians are usually very sentimental, sensitive and intuitive by nature, and your Cancer life in may turn out to be really productive for them as matters related to finance, career and job is going to take a positive leap. Therefore, those who have a job will be appreciated and promoted.

Leo in , will have an optimistic and a zealous year, as you will be filled with confidence and enthusiasm which will reflect on your everyday execution of work. Although your previous year was not fruit-bearing, this year will see a drastic change in your situation, a positive one. Specializes in humanistic astrology with emphasis on health i. Future trends, timing, offering. Cook, Hope Phone: Email: Areports preciousresources. Cook, Noble R. Cook, Yanah G. Her teachers have included Dane Rudhyar and Rob Hand.

She teaches beginning astrology, gives lectures has been on local TV. She is a Professional Counseling Astrologer. Since she has owned her own astrological business in Olympia WA. Cooper, Robert W. Books and articles. Astronumerology specialist. Compatibility; natal, medical astrology. Nottingham NG5 5PD. Many articles. In-depth astrological counseling. Cote, Cheryle Phone: Email: cheryle cherylecote.

Astrologer for 30 years. Cox, Susie Phone: Address: E. Crall, M. I have been an astrologer since Contact me by email for reports and other information. David Crall. Certified AstroCartoGraphy interperter. Speciality: Relocation. Crane, Pam Birth: Jan. Crossley, Patricia G. Cruz, Regina Birth: Nov 10, Phone: 21 or 21 Fax: 21 voice Email: pote bigfoot. Cucinell, Pamela Phone: Email: pamela astrologyoasis. Certified as a counsulting astrologer, she is also a Tarot Maven.

Offers teleseminars, webinars, and private sessions. Get Pamela's daily astrology: www. Cukic, Mihailo Phone: 63 Email: ritamvremena yahoo. Cunningham, Donna Phone: Email: moonmave spritone. Cunningham, Glen W. Astroanalysis, business and compatibility. A in Kabala from Tel-Aviv University. Certificate from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London at Running a School of Astrology In Israel.

My specialty is in counselling and in synastry, so I decided to bring love to the world so you can see my web site. Dalibor Phone: Email: info astrokod. Daly, Dawn Phone: Address: P. Patrick Birth: Jan 12, Phone: Email: plcdanahy yahoo. Danielson, Vicki Birth: Phone: Email: vicki aol. Specializes in children and babies' charts. Darr, Clara M. USA over 50 years experience in astrol. Daton, Lois USA minister, teacher, writter, lecturer and author; scool principal for 16 years. Daub, Birgit Phone: Fax: Email: stargem t-online. Davis, Martin Birth: Sep 07 '37 Email: martin matrixastrology.

Davis, Patrick T. De Angelus, Arlene L. De Blois, James G. Phone: Address: 67th Avenue, N. Phone: Email: astroloog gmail. Dearborn, Edward L. Congress Ave. Deck, Lucy B. USA history, psychology, esoteric symbolism; effects of Down's Syndrome. Delsack, Lauren Email: lauren laurendelsack. Lauren is highly regarded for her expertise in natal chart interpretation, analysis of life development, strategic forecasting, rectification of birth times, vocational guidance, relationship analysis, medical profiling, and draconic astrology.

Her website offers free instructive videos, downloadable mp3 lectures, her eBook, and astrological essays and commentaries. Demo, Theoktistu Email: demosthenistheoktistu yahoo. Detloff, Wayne K. DeVaney, Rebecca Phone: Email: contact rebeccadevaney. Devine, Carole Phone: Email: cdevine22 cox. Her practice of spiritual asrology and astrological research into Autism keep her busy in Palm Beach, FL.

Abhishek Dhawan has been guiding many people who had come to him for astrological consultancy and has had the chance to deal with almost every aspect of life. He has a good command over predictive astrology and has used the Horary Prashna system to the perfection. It is is a joint work of Mr. Abhishek Dhawan and his associate astrologers who work with complete dedication and give their best judgments. The main aim of his life is to help people in planning their futue so that they take the steps in right direction.

Di Lullo, James A. Diamond, Allison G. Dickenson, Charles W. USA golden globe boxing champion; horary astrology. Dixon, Vera M. Dobyns, Zipporah Phone: Address: 5th Ave. A in anthropology, Ph. Dodich, Mark F. Phone: Email: mark astromark. Dominiak, Enola Phone: Email: enola charterinternet. Donat, Robert C.

Dosshi, Nirjarra C. Natal and Relationship astrology are my specialty. I use astrology as part of my vibrational healing practice. Box Email: douvlis hol. Downing, Mary B. Higgins Ave. Currently engaged in post-doctoral research involving astrology. Box , Dubai, U. E Astro, Numero Palmist. Box , Dubai, India. Rajendra Raaj Sudhanshu Phone: Email: order sudhanshu. Viswaputra Phone: Email: royalastrologer gmail.

Zorana Djindjica , Beograd, , Serbia. Du Wick, Nikki A. Dubois, Marie Claire Phone: Email: mclairedubois gmail. Eaks, Duane L. Early, Dolores L. Ebertin, Baldur R. Verpraet ping. Software training and support. Elness, Mary S. Wisconsin Ave. Specializes in rectification.

Emeney, Ellen Phone: 44 Email: ellen astro-services. Emerson, Charles Phone: Address: - 8th Ave.

Epstein, Meira B. Phone: Address: E. Speaks Hebrew. Etessam, Cyrus K. Phone: Address: Seminole Ave. Specializes in Ray Centered or esoteric astrology. Evelyn, Venus by Birth: not sure Phone: Fax: - call fir Email: ehmack att. A born visionary and located on so many corporate office private websites with weekly forecast postings.

Plus an international keynote speaker.

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Is fluent in French. Natal chart focusing on the. Everett, Regina Phone: Email: ruoak msn. Fanton, Jean-Louis Birth: Farmer, Kathryn E. Farrell, Beverly J. USA media personality; reading for a Sun Sign radio show; metaphisics, religion, esoteric sciences. Charles Ave. Feather,Rachael Phone: Email: rachael. Jungian Psychotherapist, Archetypal Astrologer. Specializing in personal analysis and forecasts in Nashville, TN since I use conventional planets; no rocks or hypotheticals. Every reading I've ever done has been documented on tape or on paper. Four favorite influences: Arroyo, Greene, Forrest, Hand.

Emphasis on personal responsibility, with a Buddhist spin. Fenn, Nancy R. Phone: Fenn does an evolutionary reading for those interested in accelerated spiritual growth. Her website www. Ferber, Tobias Email: ferber rpk. Ferlazzo, Gasper M. Ferrara, F. Madison St. MLK Jr. Spiritual counseling and chart devination. Visa and MC accepted. Website: www. Field, B. Finlayson, Patricia G. Finley, L. Blake Email: finblake sirius.

Has Adult and Community College teaching credentials. Transits, relocation, natal and horary astrology. Palomares St. A reading from Denise will change your life. Ford, Peg Phone: Email: pegsioux yahoo. Fore, Mona F. USA health consultant; carmic astrology. Forest, Stephanie Phone: Fax: Email: askheaven.

Box , Santa Fe, NM , USA Practicing since based on personal study; extensive further studies especially in Boston with various "name" astrologers in workshops and classes; was technical support person for Matrix in , ; wrote for and edited "Astro Talk Online Astrology Magazine" while it was active, moderated Matrix astrology discussion list. Fox, Kelli Email: kelli kweb.

Fox, Michel Phone: , Email: quiron17 hotmail. Mex, Mexico, , Mexico. Fox, Rebeka Phone: Fax: Email: rebeka astroant. Appointments by phone or email. Frigola, Francoise MA Phone: Frizal, Lynne A. Gainsburg, Adam Phone: Email: mail soulsign. E Vedic Astrologer. Garlick, Carol A. Birth: Phone: Fax: Email: cgarlick mindspring. A professional astrologer, Carol has an international private practice, writes, lectures and consults on astrological software and computers. Garrison, Gayle Birth: 19??.

Vrischika (Scorpio) lagna malefics and benefics. MS astrology, learn astrology in telugu series,

Gartner, Kenn Phone: Email: astrologue aol. But I specialize in the kind of synastry in which I am able to help a corporation increase its success by hiring the best person for any job. I specialize in contract signings and other fairly precise time constraints. I can do horary, but will do them only after a complete work up of the individual s involved. Determining the best location for a company or a couple or an individual is, again, a specialty.

A potential client should enquire via e-mail as to what he may need and list a phone number I can call. Together we will determine how I best may be of service. References are available, if desired. Gary P. Gaudreau, H. Gaudreau specialized in transference techniques. Gaudreau, Hector J. Problems Jour. Gay, Ernest F. George, Demetra Phone: Address: P. Gerez, Adolfo Birth: Phone: Email: adolfogerez10 hotmail. Gessler, Barbara S. Ghani, M.

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Glaser, Karen Phone: Email: curator themetaphysicalcenter. Glenn, Jeanette Y. Am continually learning, as well as teaching, giving talks, Writing columns and much more. Glover, Toni Phone: Address: S. Glowaty, Loretta V. Gonnet, Ellen Phone: Email: lng madriver. Goode, John H. Goodman, Dorothy R. Gordon, Alan Email: saturnian att.

Govindharajan, A. Phone: Email: sgrajan55 gmail. Kesava perumal sannadhi street, Chennai, Tmilnadu , India I am a proffisonal astroler in chennai and astrologers association president chennai. Gozdal, Richard Address: N. Moody Ave. Box , Chicago, IL Greaves, Doris E.

Box Burton, WA Greeven, Suzanne Phone: Email: channa gmx. Grell, Paul Phone: Address: 30th Ave. Griffin, Linda W. USA drug and alcohol counselor; tarot. Gross, Jim USA an inventor and an astrologer. Gucciardo, Francoise Phone: Address: P. Guerrerp, Wuilber B. Birth: Phone: Email: wbguerrero gmail. Guevara, Dr. Gonzalo Birth: Email: astrologo hotmail. Specialize in Stone, Future interpretation, causes, solutions and remedies.

Feel free to contact me any time. Hagan, Norma R. But E-mail is fine or leave a message on my voice mail and I'll be right with you! Offering private counselling by phone and printed astrological chart services by mail. Halloran, John Birth: 19??. Tarot readings also available.

Please send an email for more information. Hammond, Lydia Phone: Email: Wholisticlivingroom yahoo. Hanawalt, Robert S. Phone: Address: Wisconsin Ave. Hand, Robert S. Handin, Patricia C. USA Child Development. Hanus, Patricia M. Harbuba, Patrick I. Phone: Address: Lindley Av. We do readings via the Internet, phone, and face to face. Sara's an ex-school teacher, and I retired as a scientist with the US Government.

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Send email or call for more information. Reasonable rates. Hartley, Gerald G. Hartley, Tamra Birth: Phone: Email: tchpeace megalink. Hartman, Veronica G. Harvey, Axel Phone: Email: ax hirsig. Astrols, President AA Astrol. Assoc ; Urania Trust; Astrological Journal. Harvey, Yvonne Phone: Email: creativeladyplus yahoo. Specializing in Childrens charts. PO Box S. Location, Mars and Jupiter returns, progressions, transits, relationships.

Hawkins, John R. Address: N. Hawks, Wendy C. Phone: Address: North Marine Dr. Hawthorne, Linda USA. A quarterly magazine for astrologers. Hebel, Doris A. Several Books. Taught advanced ast. Helton, Sandra Phone: Provide Matrix reports via email. Personal readings available. References upon request. Herbort, Nicola Birth: Herskovitz, Margie Phone: Fax: Email: margieherskovitz comcast.

On-line desde Nov www.

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Hidveghy, Agnes Birth: Languages: German, English and Hungarian. Appointments on request. Web site: www. Hill, Judith A. D; nutrrition, iridology, psychology, metaphysics; former model; holistic health practice sinse Hoecker, William R. Hoffman, Bennett Gyanarthi Address: P. Astrological Counselling, Instruction Transpersonal Psychology. Holton, L.

Hope, Kat Phone: Email: contact preciousresources. Details - preciousresource. Thank You. Horton, Susan D. Horvers, Angela Birth: april 9 Phone: Email: yoyow hccnet. Houck, Richard A. Is a national Astr. Howell, Alice O. Author 2 books on Jungian astrology. Psychologically oriented and analitical ast. Hoy, Elaine H. Huggett, Ellen Birth: Dec. Hughes, Sandy Birth: Jan. More info: www. Hugnes, Irene F. USA radio; Psychic Astrology Predictions magazine; weather forecast; lecturer aand media personality. Hunter, M. Astrology consultation, Chiron, personal mythology, astro.

Donegal, Eire. ISAR Inter. Society for Astrological Research Address: P. Ishikawa H. Jackson-McDoewll, Eveleen M. Birth: Phone: Email: mysticminds msn. Assisted Tony Waterfall each week for several months back then. All work channelled and produced on CD.

Thanks to Michael E. I have been using your software over 20 years, and my clients have shown me truth. Accurate software IS most important to give correct information. Jacobs, Jayj Phone: Address: 44th Ave. Jacobsson, Anders P. Phone: 46 Address: Tj? Position of Rahu Ketu are also changed. Thus every horoscope is wrongly drafted. Write for more details. Many books.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Specializes in life reviews for the elderly and spiritual astrology. Has written articles. Small business consulting, intrapersonal transformation. Jamie S. Janet L. Houghton Lake Dr. Transpersonal Psychology, Professional Life Coach. For more information visit www. Jawer, Jeff Birth: Phone: Email: jjawer stariq. Jay Narain Sharma Phone: 9. Jefferson, Sousa Joy Phone: 03 Email: planit. Jeffries, Ingrid Phone: Email: ingridjeffries yahoo.

Jeniel Phone: Fax: Email: jeniel comcast. Jenkins, Palden Address: P. Jetter, Laurie Twilight M. Phone: 1- Email: laurietwilight yahoo. Johansson, Anders B. Computer progr. John Somoza Phone: Email: horaryreview verizon. Joli Campbell Email: mtnhuny yahoo. My sp. The accurecy is must from my side. In addidion, I am coaching astrology in institution. Joy Archer Phone: Email: joyarcher3 juno. Foxx Dr. Judd, Bette D. Natal, progressed and transits, returns, horary, synastry.

Jumaani, Jhernna S. Email: buzz. Jumaani, Sanjay B. Kahl, Jamie Phone: Jamie enjoys working with individuals, couples and families to improve the quality of their lives and expand each person's choices. Provides full range of astrological services. Kathy Rose Email: roseastrology yahoo. Kazemi, Kaye Phone: Address: 15 W. Keenon, Alicia Phone: Email: aliciak ibm. She specializes in evolutionary development and relationships.

He believe his experience as a life coach and NLP master practitioner adds value to his astrological readings because clients feel empowered rather than a victim exposed to a series of random events or situations. Websit www. Author of "The Fundamentals of Astrology" workbook. In depth bitth chart analysis, counsel.

Kemp, Willian, V. Kenyon, Virginia L. Phone: Email: vkenyon comcast. Birth: Phone: Email: vkenyon11 yahoo. Ker, Michael B. Kerry, Jillian M. Currently studying for the Level 2 Certification. Also, twice certified professional life coach. Please, visit www. Relocational Astrology. Deep Space Astrology. Asteroids and Goddess Astrology.

Published in Llewellyn's Sun Sign Book. Kevin D. This work can be purchased, in hard copy, or e-book format, from Raphael's website. Khoschen- Klein, Isreal M. Birth: Phone: Fax: Email: monius. Kiley, Shirle USA Acrophonology, the study of the meaning of the letters in one's names; computer software; correspondence course. Ebertin; international lecturer. King, Kyra C. I have experience with holistic health therapy and can refer clients to the best local holistic healers and doctors.

Kinsman, Warren D. Phone: Address: 36th St. Kirleis, Kathryn A. Kiss, E. Klamkin, Miriam Phone: Email: miriam nightvisionastrology. Klushka, Edward J. Phone: Address: Ludlow Avenue, Cincinnati,, OH , USA psychics and psychology; 20 year in practice; author of "Astrological Megatrends"; natal, relationships, locality, business, horary.

Knauer, Alice A. Knight, Sharon M. Phone: 00 44 Email: batshall aol. Knox-Carr, Wendy J. Gender futurist, planetary myth systems, counseling. Steiner College. Kopet, Shirley M. USA taught graphology 15 years. Algunoor H. Kramer, Arlene A. Phone: Address: Victory Blvd. Krantz, Florence B. Box , Wycombe, PA. Professional MemberA. Practicing since Worked with Donna Cunningham in establishing the "Astrologer's Memorial" website. Krishnan, R. P , India Horoscope,a complete study including stone recommendation,numerlogy,tarot card readings,vedic astrology,vaastu.

Speciality : Solution for any type of problem. Krofel, Barbara J. This is a highly effective and unique system devised by Ashok Kumar. This system uses a combination of Astrology, Vastu, and Numerology to solve your problems in a very sure and effective way. Kumar, Dr. Rakesh Phone: Email: ishwarcenter gmail. Lamb, Theresa H.

Lamb, William Phone: Email: zodiac bellsouth. Lane, Sheryl Phone: Email: brighteyesiam yahoo. Langdon, Terrance L. Lapietra, Mercedes Phone: Email: info. Huron St. Lavelle, Michelle A. Software"; horary astrologer. Life member of NCGR. Writes the Monthly Ast. Forecast in the Northern Illinois Chapret Newsletter. Layman, Marvin V. Leaman, Linda J. Natal, transit, synastry and composite charts.

Leclerc, F. Phone: Email: admin astro-pro. Your natat chart or previsions on audio tapes by regular mail 25 years of experience. Joseph also teaches A Course in Miracles and uses the principle of Atonement in his work. In his free time, he enjoys herbology, extreme sports and meditation. Joseph is a masterful artist trained in both Classical and Evolutionary Astrology. Soul-Level Guidance. Lee, Janet B. Lehman, J. Lee Phone: Email: lee leelehman. Toe River Rd. Leinbach, Ester V.

Lenard, Kathy Email: km aol. She has Reh Dair. Kathy Collected clear glass rose color dishes and kitchen ware. She did a reading for my wife after I did some painting in her house. I have tried to find her for a long time. Kathy means very, very much to my wife and I and if she can talk to us please tell her I'm at phone Thanks, Ken and Suzanne Miller. Lennon, Deanna Phone: Fax: Email: roger cybertours. Lentz, Nancy E.

Box , Eugene, OR Psychologically oriented consultations, current cycles, business, family and relatio. Thanks for listing me. Dublin, Ireland. Author of "Crossing the Threshold - the Astrology of Dreaming". Littlejohn, Frances J. Livne, Yaron Birth: Llewellyn, Dick Phone: Address: P. English Huber School of Astr. Counselling Astrological-Psychology Institute.

Lovatt, Sean Address: 34 Cowl St. Luke, Keith D. Lundquist, Judy Phone: Address: W. Lynn Staudacher Phone: Email: Lynn paths2awareness. Compatability and Birth charts make great gifts for Weddings and Birthdays. Maass, Dorothy B. MacAllister, Ian Phone: Email: ian ianmacallister.

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Macek, Kenneth W. Horary, Solar returns, transits and progressions. Also the proud owner of Friends and Lovers. Madam Kighal Phone: Email: madamkighal gmail. Spritual reader and Therapist. Let's use the stars, cards and above all love to enter into the Spiritual World.

Write to madamkighal gmail. Madey, Jane USA radio and TV personality in Ohio; psychic-astrologer; reads tarot cards, performs regressions, interprets dreams; balanced using gems. Maertens, Chantilly Phone: Email: astro astromatrix. Maharaj, Jai Email: jai mantra. Over 40 years of experience. Mahdak, Julie F. Health, horary, rectification, prediction. Mahgoub, Sarwat Birth: Email: thastro link. Maiolino, Rev. Vast knowledge and experience, with over 30 years in practice in Philadelphia and New York City. Malhotra, Dr. Mann, A. Manoranjan A. Mantley, Clay F. Mantovani, Elisabeth Phone: 39 Email: elisabeth larosenoire.

Zoccoli , Modena, Italy. This is a personal, private forecast, in person or by phone. Please call or email for free first forecast. Have your birthdate, time of birth as closely as you know it , and place of birth hand. Ask me your specific questions about your own future, and tell me your current status married, work, etc. Marcelina Phone: Email: marcelina marcelinaww. March, Marion D. Is a frequent contributor of articles to professional publications. Maria, Satova Birth: 3.

Marie Helena Cisneros Phone: Email: popess yahoo. I also do Celtic Astrology and have developed a new form of this. Mario F. Centro Astrologico de Salta, Salta, , Argentina. Box , NY, NY I have appeared on television programs in CT and Long Island. Vignette, Carol Moore, a weekly television program. Also, beyond the unexplained with Janet Russell. Marks, Robert J. Phone: Email: astrolbob yahoo. Specializes in psychotherapy.

Specializes in natal, transits and progressions. Natal, compatibility and horary. Martin, Hugh B. Martin Company. Martin, Linda Phone: Address: P. Specializing in humanistic , spiritual, karmatic, predictive astrology, and relationship charts.

astrological series the astromusical house of scorpio Astrological series the astromusical house of scorpio
astrological series the astromusical house of scorpio Astrological series the astromusical house of scorpio
astrological series the astromusical house of scorpio Astrological series the astromusical house of scorpio
astrological series the astromusical house of scorpio Astrological series the astromusical house of scorpio
astrological series the astromusical house of scorpio Astrological series the astromusical house of scorpio
astrological series the astromusical house of scorpio Astrological series the astromusical house of scorpio
astrological series the astromusical house of scorpio Astrological series the astromusical house of scorpio
astrological series the astromusical house of scorpio Astrological series the astromusical house of scorpio
Astrological series the astromusical house of scorpio

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