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Whether it's about increasing earnings or reducing spending, you're especially interested in improving your position. A significant purchase, gift, or bonus can figure strongly. Even so, there can be some issues with boundaries, borrowing, or lending, and this can reach a peak around the Full Moon on the 14th. Or, facing up to recent excesses may be necessary. As motivated as you are to build and develop a business, project, your talents, or money, you may wrestle with expectations or uncertainty. Watch for borrowing from your future.

It's essential to avoid turning a blind eye to problem areas, as guilt or ambiguity can drag you down and lead to wasted opportunities. If you discover that you don't have all the resources or support you had anticipated, aim to discipline yourself or tone things down just a little. Impulse buys are always something to watch for with Mars transiting your solar second house as it does all month.

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However, you are highly motivated to make money and ideas to do so are plentiful. You have a lot working for you. You're in great shape for financial initiatives and plans. You are willing to work especially hard for security, and you are also quick to defend your values. Your ambitions are stimulated, and your desire to make improvements and to be self-supporting is strong and growing. This is a time for self-improvement through better attention to finances, work, and health. With Saturn's direct turn on the 18th, you'll find it easier or necessary to get back on track diet or fitness plan and with work projects.

It's a time to adopt a more straightforward approach to meeting and facing your responsibilities. More clarity comes to a work project, your job itself, or your health and wellness. Learning where you stand on a matter can be a relief and can also improve planning and decision-making.

Simple activities, such as exercising or decluttering, that help you to see more clearly are in focus.

Monthly Horoscope: Predictions for Leo

This is a good time for self-discipline involving a hobby or creative work. You're bringing more maturity and better judgment to your life. September may very well be a business or money month in many ways, but as it progresses, learning and connecting become more prominent themes. It's time to diversify and meet a variety of people or entertain many different ideas. Your success depends heavily on communicating or connecting.

Increased contact with relatives, neighbors, and acquaintances is likely. Studies and personal interests grab more of your attention, energy, and time. Until September 22nd: The Sun continues to transit your solar second house. This is the most "financial" period of the year for you. You might have a more materialistic view of life for the time being, or you have an increased interest in your own possessions, during this cycle. You are more attracted to objects and possessions that give you a sense of comfort, status, or luxury now.

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  • You probably should be on the lookout for a tendency to create your own financial stress due to extravagant spending habits. At this point in the year, you are unlikely to take many risks, however, and you can be quite resistant to change. This is a time when "comfort zones" are more important to you than usual--you value the familiar.

    From September 23rd forward: The Sun is illuminating your communications sector now, suggesting "busy-ness" and movement.

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    You are exploring and searching now, making connections, and paying attention to your immediate environment. Social interaction is emphasized during this period, and is for the most part light-hearted. Give other people a little extra time and attention, notice their efforts on your behalf, and strengthen your connections.

    You are more curious and alert than usual, and you could be quite busy with errands, paperwork, phone calls, and light socializing. Much energy is expended in understanding and adapting to your immediate environment. Siblings, neighbors, close relatives, friends, and co-workers may play a more important role than usual in your life during this cycle. You are more interested in exploring your own neighborhood than you are a different country. This is not a time of big adventure-seeking.

    Rather, it's a time of little adventures close to home. Neither is this a time when you are especially focused. In fact, you could have a finger in many pies right now. You are especially resourceful now, and you could find yourself enjoying or seeking attention for your intellectual know-how. The ability to express and communicate your ideas is extremely important to you at this time. You are eager to investigate new things, whether scientific or technical. Until September 13th: Venus continues to grace your solar second house during this period.

    You might receive gifts or bonuses now, or you find much comfort in what you already own and have. You may be a little extravagant with money for the time being, as your desire for luxury and comfort items is increased now, and this is something to watch for.

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    When it comes to love, you value those who make you feel comfortable and secure. From September 14th forward: With Venus moving through your solar third house during this period, you are mostly cheerful in your approach to others, and perhaps somewhat intellectual, during this transit.

    This Month in Astrology – July 12222

    Essentially, you are quite companionable now. You enjoy talking about what interests you, and you find great value in the exchange of ideas. Sometimes this transit brings benefit through siblings, communications, or short trips. During this period, you are most attracted to wit, cheerfulness, and verbal rapport. You are especially good at mediating conflicts. Smoothing over differences using your diplomacy skills figures now. Until September 13th: Mercury continues to transit your solar second house. You might play with various ways to increase personal funds, resulting in more than one avenue for monetary gain.

    Avoid letting undue pressure from others push you into signing important papers that may create a serious financial commitment. Shopping when experiencing nervous tension should also be avoided. Your mind is always active with new ideas for an increase of income during this cycle. Brothers or sisters, or communications, may be a source of financial or material gain or loss now. Due to the precession of the equinoxes, the astrological signs do not align with the constellations. What happens when two people are born at the same time, but one is born in the northern hemisphere, and the other in the southern hemisphere?

    The Greeks took the stars out of Astrology. The Greek ruling elite implemented a sign-based Astrology into farming and everyday life for the lower classes. Knowledge of constellation-based Astrology was esoterica for the initiated. You can likewise examine your horoscope with the data you get here, contingent upon your insight level in Vedic soothsaying.

    This is additionally a push to shield you from deluding and off base data given by extortion and phony crystal gazers. Thanks for sharing this websites Numerologyline. Menu Skip to content. Search for:. Alexa 5, 8, 8, 8, 10, 11, 12, 14, 20, 23, Alexa 27, 31, 39, 43, 49, 57, 63, 68, 84, 86, Linda Goodman Shrivinayaka Astro C.

    October 2, October 2, Jamie Partridge. Amazing Life changing Horoscope predictions that you should not miss. Hi Joanne. Please note that these key dates are synopses — quick summaries of astro-events — that are covered more in-depth in the monthly horoscopes and daily horoscopes. See also Leo Preview Horoscope. If you know your Ascendant, read forecasts for both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign. The horoscope on this page, Leo Yearly, shows the trends and predictions for the year in detail. There are some exciting trends with you in , dear Leo. Every year, we see challenges and opportunities in different areas.

    Leos are spontaneous but loyal, and they are proud of who they are and what they do. They have big hearts and so much to give, and they go for the gold! This year, you have Chiron and Jupiter in harmony with your sign, boosting your self-honesty and enthusiasm. The following chart shows the outer planets and other points in relation to your sign, revealing whether they are harmonizing with or challenging Leo:.

    Grey is neutral no direct relationship, but can be picky, nagging ,. Pink is challenging the planet is in direct, challenging relationship to your sign ,. As is evident in the above chart, there is very little in the way of outer planet challenges this year for Leo, and a mix of neutral and harmonious energy for the most part. You have wonderful support from Jupiter and Chiron most of this year, Leo. Both planets are in fellow Fire signs.

    Leo is a spontaneous Fire sign, but is also of a Fixed nature. This is a powerful year for creating, loving, playing, and sharing. Go big in these areas, but know your limits! This is why you can see some of the same trends continuing from previous years. Note also that while the degrees of decans are precise, the dates are necessarily approximate since they vary slightly from birth year to birth year. Until December 2nd , Jupiter continues to move through your solar fifth house, and you are likely to see benefits, and experience growth, in the areas of romance, pleasure, creative expression, hobbies, entertainment, and children.

    Your fair share of fun, romance, and good times are in store. Your willingness to enjoy yourself and explore your creativity now brings new opportunities, or you might find that avenues open up to you for exploring new ways of having fun. For example, you might meet a new friend who spurs you to go out more, or you could be inspired by someone else's creative projects and begin a new and rewarding hobby. Creative projects are likely to fare well during this cycle, and could possibly even bring some type of recognition or reward. Love and romance may come into your life or an existing romance is enhanced with good humor and warmth.

    You might find that possibilities for casual love relationships open up to you now, and some of you could be overwhelmed with choices! Social engagements abound. For those of you who are single, meeting a special person is highly likely, although it's more likely to be a casual relationship than a committed partnership. Investments in stocks and other speculative matters could earn profits. Healthy, wise risks are likely to pay off, but be careful of overconfidence in speculative investments. Relationships with your children may be especially fulfilling now.

    Pregnancy or childbirth may occur during this period, if applicable. Those with artistic or athletic talent can be especially successful and prosperous at this time. Your creativity and social life are stimulated this year, and plenty of opportunities to express yourself uniquely and creatively are likely to present themselves. You may find great joy and reward in your creative projects and hobbies.

    Pleasure-seeking activities, recreation, and amusement are increased. You are far less inhibited when it comes to expressing yourself creatively, and you are a lot more fun to be around! These positive circumstances won't necessarily fall into your lap, and are unlikely to come all at once. You need to keep your eyes open for opportunities in these areas of life. Sometimes Jupiter brings too much of a good thing, and it's always wise to enjoy a carefree not careless attitude. You are learning to express yourself playfully and creatively without apology, and more willing to take some personal risks in order to do so.

    A potential negative of this transit is excessive emphasis on, or attention to, having fun to the detriment of other life departments. However, this is typically one of those periods that one looks back upon fondly. The most favorable periods for these matters occur while Jupiter is in direct motion in your solar fifth house from January 1-April 10, and from August December 2. Jupiter transits trine your Sun. This is a feel-good transit that offers you opportunities to rise above petty concerns and to achieve a more balanced approach to your life.

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    Relationships with others tend to be easygoing, friendly, and positive. It's natural for you to cooperate with others, and others find it easy to cooperate with you! This is a time when you really enjoy life, appreciating the good things and rarely harping on the more inconvenient or annoying elements of life. During this cycle, you are likely to see benefits in the areas of work and health, as well as daily routines. This transit enhances your ability to handle the details required to do a good job, and others become more aware of your skills.

    Benefits may come through work itself, co-workers, or employees during this cycle. Any type of service that you may provide is likely to go well now, mainly because you are finding more joy in being of service. You are more successful in hiring good workers, if applicable, and improvements to your working environment are likely. You find more enjoyment in the work you do, and it is easier than usual to find employment now.

    You may get a new job during this cycle. Work tends to be very available to you--perhaps even too available in that you don't know which one to choose. The best way to handle this transit is to take pride in and recognize your usefulness--this is bound to give you a great deal of joy, and you are likely to be rewarded as a result. As well, the more integrity, directness, and honesty you bring to your services and work, the more "payback" you will receive.

    Health is likely to prosper now, and medical procedures or programs, if necessary, are more apt to be successful. Some people get a new pet during this cycle, and this brings them much joy. Sometimes Jupiter brings too much of something, and this could mean taking on more work than you can handle, getting lost in the details and organization necessary to keep your daily life running smoothly, and so forth.

    Leo Monthly Horoscope – Last

    Watch that overconfidence doesn't lead you to overload your plate. You are bringing fresh and original ideas to the work you do and the services you offer. Saturn transits your solar sixth house until Saturn's influence here affects your job, daily routines, self-care efforts, and health. You may be taking on more responsibilities on the job or in another service-oriented capacity. For some of you, your job may have become rather tedious or downright boring, or working conditions may be poor, demanding, or frustrating -- at least, this is your perception of things -- and now you're taking steps to make improvements.

    For others, worries about your job could figure strongly. For many, duty often comes before pleasure during this period, and a tendency to work more or harder is likely. As long as this doesn't reach workaholic levels, you'll be just fine. In fact, it can be easier than usual to be sensible about your diet, health, hygiene, and fitness needs. Be aware of the need to know when enough is enough, however.

    With Saturn turning a critical eye to work, daily functions, habits, and health, you are likely to feel some pressure to perform. You find yourself more accountable than ever when it comes to your work and output. How can you manage your day-to-day life, and your body, better?

    You become more and more aware of all of the "fluff" that surrounds your daily routines and your work, and spring cleaning becomes necessary. This is an excellent period for starting new regimens to better your health and well-being, such as regular exercise, more structured and productive use of your time, and so forth. By the time this transit ends, you'll be considerably more productive, healthy, and focused. This is also an excellent time for simplifying and structuring your life in small but key ways. Responsibilities in your daily life can weigh heavily at times - they appear magnified.

    While the work we do may sometimes feel too routine or boring, it can also give us a strong feeling of purpose. We want to be needed, we want to help and support others, and to do our share. If you've been overdoing a supportive role or if you've been scattering your energies and haven't truly noted just how much you do, then Saturn here will stimulate you to tidy up. In the end, you can, in fact, feel more joyful about the services you provide and the support you give, after taking a realistic look at these things and making the necessary adjustments.

    Uranus continues to transit your solar ninth house until March 6th. Connections with a broader set of people and experiences can be the catalysts for a changing, more open-minded personal philosophy. Your interest in learning, exploring, and branching out is renewed and fresh.

    Leo November 2015 Monthly Tarot Reading

    Listening to your gut will serve you well, as long as you're not listening to that part of you that fears change. Fortunately, it's easier to make necessary changes in your life without making too many waves now. You are drawn to new experiences and ideas, and they contribute much to your growth. You have a twinkle in your eye this year! Your own originality and uniqueness are bound to come shining through. You are a little more outspoken, daring, and progressive than usual now. Events that occur this year tend to show you a different side of yourself and could attract new people into your life.

    Any new friends or connections made are likely to be entirely different than those you have had in the past. If you want to rid yourself of some unhealthy habits or past conditioning that has been undermining your confidence, this is the year to do it. Some of the people around you might be surprised at your newly found independence, but most will enjoy it.

    Pleasant surprises pepper your year ahead. You're open to a certain amount of change and progress this year, and thus attract interesting and sometimes unusual events into your life. A few doors open to you as you express yourself more spontaneously during this period of your life -- this is a long-term transit. New intellectual interests are likely this year.

    May 2016 Horoscope: Predictions for Leo

    Unexpected or unusual experiences tend to enhance your understanding, and a new perspective on your life is in store. An unexpected opportunity for travel may present itself, or new opportunities to further your education could arise seemingly out of the blue. If you do get a chance to travel, which could come up quite suddenly, unusual and eye-opening experiences may be in store for you.

    There can be conventions, seminars, clubs, group travel, or long-distance learning figuring strongly during this transit. You are less inclined towards a personal philosophy that is traditional now, and you're attracted to more avant-garde or progressive belief systems. The more acute elements of this transit have already been experienced before for your decan of Leo. Do your best to avoid impulsive decision-making that is built solely upon your desire to be a free spirit. However, it's also important to make changes that accommodate your new independent outlook - my advice is to do it but avoid going overboard on this.

    You may recognize talents that you never knew you had, and this can be a sudden, exciting discovery! Your career, professional projects, reputation, and public image appear to speed up, stimulate, and open up this year.

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